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" To reach Narayana we must serve the Daridra Narayana, the starving millions of the land. Feel for them, pray for them. Strive for the relief and uplift of the suffering and miserable brethren."
May all be healthy



With the mission of upliftment of our Vanavasi brethren (Scheduled Tribes), the Mission started its long journey in 1972. Starting from a small dispensary, today the Medical Mission runs a well equipped hospital with all modern medical facilities. The mission now leads a number of sociomedical services in Wayanad, the predominant Tribal district of Kerala. A variety of public welfare projects are brought forth by the mission in the fields of education, social welfare, culture, and self-dependency.

Hospital at Muttil

The Mission started its activities opening a free dispensary at Muttil near Kalpetta in 1972 for serving our tribal brethren. This steadily grew into a fairly well equipped hospital with three medical officers, visiting specialists and necessary staff and providing the following facilities.

  • Out Patient department catering to nearly 300 patients a day (completely free to tribal patients)
  • Free dispensary
  • General ward with thirty beds (with food also free to tribal patients)
  • Minor operation theatre
  • Well equipped laboratory
  • Nebuliser
  • X ray unit
  • Ultra Sound Scan
  • Endoscopy
  • E. C. G. and Cardiac Monitor
  • E. E. G.
  • Multi-speciality clinics
  • Counseling Centers
  • Ambulance



Map of Wayanad District

About Wayanad

This green paradise located at a distance of 76 Kilometers of seashores of Kozhikode, (Calicut) on the Western Ghats, part of  Deccan Plateau,  is green, fertile and full of scenic beauty, with coffee and tea plantations. The name denotes Vayalnadu, meaning land of vayals, or paddy fields.

About the Tribals

The Vanavasi brethren of here come under nearly eighteen denominations such as Kurichya, Paniya, Kuruma, Adiya. They form nearly one fourth of the total population of the District. The brutalities against the tribals are food for thought. They never had ownership rights on their land. As a result, when lands were divided, seized, and encroached by the settlers from the plains, the vanavasis became homeless. Though the Governments, both Central and State, tried to reform them by spending crores of rupees, their lot has not changed much.  A visit to a typical vanavasi hamlet will reveal many things; lack of proper shelter, unemployment, diseases, illiteracy, superstitions and so on. Last of all is the loss of their natural habitats by urbanization, deforestation and encroachments. The Mission has been helping the Govt.  for the last 40 years in its  endeavor to better their lot.


The hospital is situated on Calicut -> Kalpetta -> Mysore NH 212. Muttil is 6 km from Kalpetta



Address: Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission
 Vivekananda Nagar
 PO-Kalpetta North
 KERALA- 673122.
Phone: 04936 202528, 204360

E-mail: svmm_muttil@hotmail.com


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